Macquarie Electrical Overhead Service Mains

Overhead Service Mains

Macquarie Electrical ASP2 installs power poles, meters and all associated electrical linework for residential and commercial properties in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, The Hunter, Central Coast and Port Stephens. Both timber and steel power poles have a limited lifespan and may be compromised over time by rusting, termite damage, or rotting. To reduce the risks of accidents and death, it is best practice to replace a damaged power poles where the integrity of the power pole is compromised by power pole collisions, wind and storm damage and other natural disasters. Macquarie Electrical provides emergency assistance for overhead power poles but it is more cost and time efficient for power poles to be scheduled for replacement. The relocation or removal of power poles may be required in some situations, such as front-of-house remodelling or landscaping projects. Where height clearances are sufficient, power poles may be removed entirely, and power may be connected directly to the property using a roof-mounted bracket.