Meter box upgrade

Metering & Energising

Once the power from the Ausgrid electricity network has entered individual properties via an overhead wiring system, an underground wiring system, or a combination, it is connected to the meter box. Macquarie Electrical ASP 2 is licensed to handle and install Ausgrid equipment such as meters that measure your energy usage and provide power to energise the wiring at the main switchboard. The Macquarie Electrical Level 2 license is required by law for any works at the "main circuit breaker/main switch" including main switch feed, service fuses, service neutral link, and meters. There are many meters available to properties depending on their individual needs such as; single phase meters, three phase meters, off-peak meters, smart meters, solar gross meters and solar net meters. Macquarie Electrical Level 2 installs power poles, meters and all associated electrical linework for residential and commercial properties in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, The Hunter, Central Coast and Port Stephens.