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Why Do I Need a Level 2 Electrician?

Macquarie Electrical is a Level 2 electricians have further qualifications than a normal electrician. Macquarie Electrical is also known as a Level 2 ASP electrician or ‘authorised service provider’ or ‘accredited service provider’ that is licenced to connect and disconnect power by working on the high voltage power lines between residences or business and the street. The main benefit of a level 2 electricians is that they are authorised to do installations, repairs and maintenance on the overhead and underground service mains. This is dangerous work that is closely monitored by the electrical network authorities.


Supply & Install Customer Private Pole

As an authorised and dedicated Level 2 Electrical (ASP2) provider, Macquarie Electrical installs, repairs and maintains overhead or underground service lines between individual premises and the electricity network. This includes disconnecting and reconnecting existing premises from the network, installing electricity metering equipment and connecting service lines to the network. Macquarie Electrical Category 2 installs single phase or three phase ABC cable to the point of connection located at the top of approved concrete, galvanised steel and timber poles.


Consumer Mains Upgrades


Macquarie Electrical Level 2 undertakes consumer mains upgrades mostly when the existing wiring system between the point of attachment/point of supply/point of connection and the meter box. Major reasons for mains upgrades include; the systems are non-compliant, damaged or undersized for increased load consumption. Macquarie Electrical Level 2 Electricians test, disconnect and reconnect services once the upgrade has been completed and comply with AS3000 wiring rules and the NSW Service regulations for a safe and reliable electricity supply.


Overhead Service & Underground Service Mains


Macquarie Electrical Level 2 Electricians install overhead service and underground service mains. These come are in single phase and three phase supply and usually range from 100amps service to 400amps. For example, a manufacturing enterprise that operates large industrial machinery would require a three-phase supply but a home with basic electricity may only need a single-phase supply. An overhead service cable comprises of conductors that allow for the flow of electricity to network pole to the property itself or a private power pole.


Defect Notices


Macquarie Electrical Level 2 is in the business of repairing electrical installation that does not comply with safety standards and are subject to electrical defect notices. These notices are issued for; faulty wiring, modifications to the original connection, tree interference with electrical wires,  rusty or broken brackets, loose connection boxes, rotten fascia boards, outdated switchboards, UV-damaged mains, attachment issues and low-running overhead service cables.

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